Welcome to a pinch of design ! I’m just thrilled you’ve come to visit!

I am Joanna Walczak, a Polish architect and the founder of this blog. Since 2014 I’m living abroad. Previously I lived in magical Paris, now in beautiful and sunny Sydney, Australia! I really like it here. However, I’m a traveller and I don’t know yet where I would like to settle down. And I believe it is important for architects to travel and experience architecture all around the world. The only thing I know for sure is that I love interior design and architecture, it is valuable in my life! I have always wanted to share this passion with people. The expression of it is what you read and see on this blog.

All content is selected by me, everything that inspires me and I would like to use myself, the latest products and trends, inspirations for home and public interiors, information about designers, their inspirations and making process, my own little designs, etc. Products that have been gifted will be noted.

By blogging a pinch of design my goal is to share my love of architecture, interior design, design and inspire people from around the world.  Let’s share the joy!


PS. Since English is not my first language, please don’t hold grammar mistakes and misspellings against me – I would appreciate it :).





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