THAT House – outstanding idea of living in Australia.


It’s been a really long time when I wrote a post on my blog. Some changes have occurred in my life, and another even bigger is just about to come. I am very excited about it! But I will share my project with you when everything is settled for good.

We are in summer! Thus, in today’s post I’d like to show you a beautiful house located in a faraway land, for most appearing as a paradise, namely in ‘always sunny’ (at least that’s what people say) Australia.

Lately, I am fascinated by Australian original, modern and full of light architecture! And housing projects are outstanding. Thanks to this project I am presenting today, I fell in love with Australian creativity and I decided to broaden my knowledge about their architecture. The house called THAT House has been designed by the office Austin Maynard Architects. This innovative project received the Residential Architecture Award, Victorian Architecture Award this year. And quite deservedly because the idea shows a real challenge.


:: Interior of the Day :: Enviable houseboat floats in Copenhagen harbour


I desperately need sun. Here, in Paris, every day is rainy and cloudy. Fortunately, the first day of spring is about to come in less than a month, I hope. In today’s post I want to share with you wonderful idea of living!

Houseboats have always fascinated me. It must be nice living on the water, having a beautiful view, rooms always soaked with daylight. A real dream! This houseboat has been completed by Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard for his own family in Copenhagen harbour. I like its very modern and simple architecture, made by a dark-stained wood panels and floor-to-ceiling sliding slatted shutters in light wood providing more privacy and allowing to control daylight. The interior follows the architecture: very bright and contemporary. Classic beautiful Danish interior design. I love it! Light playwood walls with built-in shelves and the stove give the space warm and bright ambience. The house is furnished with well known modern classics like Eames chairs and Poul Kjærholm stools, along with contemporary pieces like a sofa by Hay and the freestanding kitchen cabinets unit by Danish company Vipp. Absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t mind owning a houseboat like this. 🙂


The great COBE’s architecture – kindergarden based on children’s drawings


When I look back on my last two weeks, there’s no doubt that time has passed quickly. I shared with you the news about the exhibition on my facebook page. I will show some photos of it soon enough. If you would like to see it yourself, I invite you to La Galerie d’architecture, located on 11 rue des Blancs Manteaux in Paris.

Working very hard during last months, doing many things at the same time and visiting the Renzo Piano’s exhibition taking place in Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, I realised how much I love architecture and like my job. Therefore, today’s post will be about architecture. I love the projects that are simple but unconventional. An understanding of the subject, environment and program of the building is always an essential part of a project. It’s what makes possible to design a building that simply ‘fits’. A building emerged from detailed analyzes, expert opinions and consultations, meeting the needs of the users and well situated for it’s context – that’s a great architecture.


Dutch railway transformed into multi-level and enviable office.

1dadcfc5c9Christmas and New Year’s Eve passed and we all had to come back to normal live. I can imagine that waking up every morning was very difficult for you, for me too! Although I’m getting up at 7:30, which you would say is not too early, I have a huge problem to pull myself out of the bed and always dismissing the alarm clock. But one of my new year’s resolution is to change this lazy habit and 3 days per week wake up at 7 to practice yoga. I have also another resolution for this year: write posts regularly. It’s time to start! 🙂

In today’s post I would like to show an amazing work space. The Dutch office Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten designed a bright and airy space inside an overhauled railway building, the oldest remaining structure in Spoorzone area in Tilburg. To achieve this effect, the architects reopened the arches and placed behind them a huge glass facade to let natural light in and complement the opened structure of the warehouse. They continued also with the glazing across the centre of the ceiling to create a long skylight. Inside, a large oak-clad box has been installed with bleacher-style seating at one end as a group meeting area. This volume includes offices and bathrooms and provides the framework for an informal auditorium. In large spaces like this warehouse the idea of installing a big volume or few smaller ones perfectly separates the enormous room without violating its construction and structure. A restaurant has been located on the opposite side of the wooden steps and is opened to both staff and public.


Minimalist shelter from VIPP


After Friday’s dramatic terror attacks in Paris we are all sad and devastated about what happened. However, we must remain strong and united. Today’s post is about calm, amazing and modern gateway from famous Danish brand Vipp.

Although the shelter has been already shown on many architectural websites I still want to present it on my blog. Vipp is a big danish company specialized in producing industrial objects and kitchen tools for everyday use since the 1930s. They are especially known for their iconic pedal bin. After they had designed great kitchen and bathroom modules, in 2014 they unveiled their most ambitious product yet: Vipp Shelter.


Architecture :: a tiny mountain shelter


Photo by Janez Martincic

As an architect I must admit I like small projects. Some would say that they are easy to design, but I think projects of small buildings are no less demanding than any large building project. One thing is certain, while designing you have to pay attention to every detail, follow many construction and ergonomic rules and environmental aspects.

One small project especially caught my attention. It’s a project of a tiny mountain shelter. The design is very interesting, perfect example of a very well design small form, and because I love mountain hiking I wanted to share it here with you, my dear readers.