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Floating Hotel on the river Seine in Paris – Happy New Year!

My dream has come true! I’m incredibly happy to share with you my little secret… I moved to Australia, that’s a fact! It’s been a crazy time but finally everything is settled. Now I can relax, come back to blogging and enjoy my stay in Sydney!

In the previous post (which was ages ago!) I presented a beautiful house located in Melbourne. I have to tell you, I have been in Sydney only (or already!) for 2 months but I am loving it here. Architecture is amazing, I have already visited some local architectural and design events. I am going to keep you up-to-date with all of that. Although, in today’s post, because my heart still belongs to Europe, I want to share with you a great project of a hotel in my beloved Paris where I used to live. Well it’s not just a hotel, it’s a floating hotel – OFF Paris Seine! I am very happy the project is finally finished.


Minimal and creative Mit Mat Mama store in Barcelona


This week was full off nice surprises for me. I can share with you one, the biggest surprise. I have gotten my own great camera! 🙂 Finally, I will start to make my dream come true of taking pictures myself! Soon I will show you the first results of my work.

However, today I would like to share with you a great minimal design by Spanish architect Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge. The maternity clothing store Mit Mat Mama in Barcelona has been furnished with a modular shelving system made up of ash timber ladders. The architect’s principal concept was to create a place where products and architecture come together, creating a beautiful space of nature, clearness and light. He achieved it! He created airy and bright space thanks to four-meters-high ceilings and a completely glazed facade. Clothes are displayed on rails and shelves fixed between rows of wooden ladders. The ladders have a different function depending on the height they are placed. Once, the steel bars are used as hangers for clothing, another time the same steel bars hold the plants pots or lighting tracks.


Merci store – a realm you must visit!

Merci-boutique-noël-2015-0031. Christmas at Merci store, 2015.

Last weekend finally I managed to visit the famous Merci store. And I was absolutely blown away, I’m gonna come back there more often!

Merci was created in March 2009 by Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, in the heart of the historic Haut-Marais district. Since the opening it has achieved enormous popularity thanks to its aim to bring all together: traditional and modern, local and international, simple and costly, mass-produced and individually made, and present the best of each world. Merci store turns a dream into reality. The dream of mixing contemporary objects with antique pieces, vintage clothing, everyday objects, new and second-hand books. And what’s more, Merci it’s not only a shop, it s also a home for many exhibitions and events.


Studio Rygalik gives an astonishing interior design to Werso. Organic store

butik-wearso-organic-fot-szymon-brzoska (8)

I found this great interior design by famous polish office Studio Rygalik on Elle Decoration PL website two weeks ago. The interior of the Warsaw based store Wearso. Organic looks extremely intresting thanks to its new arrangement. The team from Studio Rygalik as always impresses by its work!

As you will see on the pictures below, the main element of the project is a very light metal installation hanging from the ceiling. What a great idea, which not only give an outstanding visual effect but is also very functional! The metal installation for the exposure of the clothes collection is fixed to a system solution based on an even grid with meshes. Thus, the evenly placed meshes allow to easily change configurations of metal structures, while enabling a quick change of the interior design and adapting it to the needs of the collection. A great solution made with subdued colours and high quality materials. The whole project of the interior perfectly fits the brand philosophy based on ecology, sustainable development and timelessness. Love it and I put it on my list of places to see during the Christmas stay in Warsaw! 🙂


Minimalist shelter from VIPP


After Friday’s dramatic terror attacks in Paris we are all sad and devastated about what happened. However, we must remain strong and united. Today’s post is about calm, amazing and modern gateway from famous Danish brand Vipp.

Although the shelter has been already shown on many architectural websites I still want to present it on my blog. Vipp is a big danish company specialized in producing industrial objects and kitchen tools for everyday use since the 1930s. They are especially known for their iconic pedal bin. After they had designed great kitchen and bathroom modules, in 2014 they unveiled their most ambitious product yet: Vipp Shelter.


DesignerBox – beautiful and good design for all!


I found this great idea not long time ago and I totally have fallen for it! The Designer Box, founded by Bénédicte Colpin and Tomas Erel, is a beautiful idea that brings original and good design at a very affordable price to your home from the greatest international designers. Sounds great right? 🙂 The founders wanted to make people happy among the ones keen on decoration and design.

Wallpaper* “There’s nothing quite like the excitement of receiving a surprise gift in the post, and its even better if the gift in question turns out to be a beautifully made, limited edition design object”.


Nordkraft’s Exhibition: Leather Lamps by Norm Architects


It’s been already two weeks after the Paris Design Week, but I would love to present you an exhibition organized by the concept store Nordkraft for this event. The exclusive exhibition, named “Enclosed”, is still going on until October 11th. Created in collaboration with Norm Architects it features four sculptural pieces. This interactive installation of abstract architectural spaces examines the border between furniture and architecture.


Design Icon :: Outdoor and indoor chair

BERTOIA_PORTRAITPhoto 1. Harry Bertoia

This weekend is being quite calm. I can focus on my blog and posts for this month. In the week when I work sometimes this is nearly impossible, but it’s just how it is, and I love my job anyway :).

In today’s post I would like to share with you some good design, exactly one of my favourite chair. I discovered very interesting video on Elle Decoration UK about the production of the Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia for Knoll. I love a behind-the-scenes glimpse of creating things, spaces or buildings. Knowing the process of construction fascinates me!