Good Design Makes a Difference

Floating Hotel on the river Seine in Paris – Happy New Year!

My dream has come true! I’m incredibly happy to share with you my little secret… I moved to Australia, that’s a fact! It’s been a crazy time but finally everything is settled. Now I can relax, come back to blogging and enjoy my stay in Sydney!

In the previous post (which was ages ago!) I presented a beautiful house located in Melbourne. I have to tell you, I have been in Sydney only (or already!) for 2 months but I am loving it here. Architecture is amazing, I have already visited some local architectural and design events. I am going to keep you up-to-date with all of that. Although, in today’s post, because my heart still belongs to Europe, I want to share with you a great project of a hotel in my beloved Paris where I used to live. Well it’s not just a hotel, it’s a floating hotel – OFF Paris Seine! I am very happy the project is finally finished.


THAT House – outstanding idea of living in Australia.


It’s been a really long time when I wrote a post on my blog. Some changes have occurred in my life, and another even bigger is just about to come. I am very excited about it! But I will share my project with you when everything is settled for good.

We are in summer! Thus, in today’s post I’d like to show you a beautiful house located in a faraway land, for most appearing as a paradise, namely in ‘always sunny’ (at least that’s what people say) Australia.

Lately, I am fascinated by Australian original, modern and full of light architecture! And housing projects are outstanding. Thanks to this project I am presenting today, I fell in love with Australian creativity and I decided to broaden my knowledge about their architecture. The house called THAT House has been designed by the office Austin Maynard Architects. This innovative project received the Residential Architecture Award, Victorian Architecture Award this year. And quite deservedly because the idea shows a real challenge.


:: Interior of the Day :: Enviable houseboat floats in Copenhagen harbour


I desperately need sun. Here, in Paris, every day is rainy and cloudy. Fortunately, the first day of spring is about to come in less than a month, I hope. In today’s post I want to share with you wonderful idea of living!

Houseboats have always fascinated me. It must be nice living on the water, having a beautiful view, rooms always soaked with daylight. A real dream! This houseboat has been completed by Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard for his own family in Copenhagen harbour. I like its very modern and simple architecture, made by a dark-stained wood panels and floor-to-ceiling sliding slatted shutters in light wood providing more privacy and allowing to control daylight. The interior follows the architecture: very bright and contemporary. Classic beautiful Danish interior design. I love it! Light playwood walls with built-in shelves and the stove give the space warm and bright ambience. The house is furnished with well known modern classics like Eames chairs and Poul Kjærholm stools, along with contemporary pieces like a sofa by Hay and the freestanding kitchen cabinets unit by Danish company Vipp. Absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t mind owning a houseboat like this. 🙂


The great COBE’s architecture – kindergarden based on children’s drawings


When I look back on my last two weeks, there’s no doubt that time has passed quickly. I shared with you the news about the exhibition on my facebook page. I will show some photos of it soon enough. If you would like to see it yourself, I invite you to La Galerie d’architecture, located on 11 rue des Blancs Manteaux in Paris.

Working very hard during last months, doing many things at the same time and visiting the Renzo Piano’s exhibition taking place in Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, I realised how much I love architecture and like my job. Therefore, today’s post will be about architecture. I love the projects that are simple but unconventional. An understanding of the subject, environment and program of the building is always an essential part of a project. It’s what makes possible to design a building that simply ‘fits’. A building emerged from detailed analyzes, expert opinions and consultations, meeting the needs of the users and well situated for it’s context – that’s a great architecture.


Interesting house renovation in Montreal


In today’s post I would like to present you an interior design created by a Montreal based office. My regular readers already know that few posts earlier I showed another interior design in Montreal, which you can find here. I like the Canadian style. I heard about today’s office, La SHED, from my Canadian friend Emilie, whom I had a chance to work with.

After I saw all their projects I didn’t know which one to show you. There is definitely more than one I liked. The office has developed a great expertise in renovation, conversion and construction of buildings of all kinds. Their designs are very functional and contemporary. The basis of projects designed by the studio are: openness, light, alignment and use of durable, affordable and classic materials.

The project located within Montreal villeray district, named ‘de gaspé house’ is a renovated single family home completed in march 2015. The office created a contemporary facade that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding buildings. They used a dark painted clay brick for the front facade, a galvanized corrugated steel coating on the first floor and a light wood on the ground floor for the facades towards the garden.


The world of famous American designers – The Eames


In today’s post I would like to present you Charles and Ray Eames, ones of the most important American designers of the 20th century. I decided to write this post now because firstly I personally admire this pair’s work very much and secondly because the British Barbican presents a new exhibition celebrating the life and work of these designers. The exhibition, aptly titled ‘The World of Charles and Ray Eames’ presents their beautiful universe, from the first plywood experiments, spanning architecture, furniture and product design to less known abstract paintings, multi-media installation projects, graphic design and photographic arts. It reveals their career and is a testimony to their office’s work. The curator of the exhibition Catherine Ince says:

‘We have tried to really explore and highlight the types of projects that they undertook in their 45 years of operation.’.

The exhibition affords an intimate view of the pair as people. You can read more about this beautiful presentation of their work on Wallpaper* magazine website, but I would like to present you some of their iconic projects.

Charles and Ray famously said,

“We wanted to make the best for the most for the least.” , 1941


Interior of the Day :: Brickwork within Montreal apartment renovation!

Espace-St-Denis 1Renovation in architecture is my favourite subject. It’s amazing how we can connect the old with the new, convert a space into something outstanding and brilliant. Create a new meaning. That’s my biggest dream and ambition to work on and realize such projects!

In today’s post I would like to present you a 120 m² condo located in Montreal on the ground floor of a 1887 triplex in the Plateau Mont-Royal. The Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau renovated it and designed beautiful minimalist apartment with exposed brick walls and a large bookshelf on show through the glazed facade.


Interior of the Day :: different and original interior design!


I love to search for new and young offices that create very original interior design. I want to share them with you, the strong creativity they present.

Everything I show on my blog follows my motto directed to all of you: Good Design Makes a Difference (GDMD) :). I realized that people don’t know much about design and I would like to change it. Under this title I will present you beautiful objects, interesting architectural offices, design icons and their designers, and also many local designers, craftsmen and design stores. The ability to recognize the iconic items is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to interior design.


Design Icon :: Outdoor and indoor chair

BERTOIA_PORTRAITPhoto 1. Harry Bertoia

This weekend is being quite calm. I can focus on my blog and posts for this month. In the week when I work sometimes this is nearly impossible, but it’s just how it is, and I love my job anyway :).

In today’s post I would like to share with you some good design, exactly one of my favourite chair. I discovered very interesting video on Elle Decoration UK about the production of the Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia for Knoll. I love a behind-the-scenes glimpse of creating things, spaces or buildings. Knowing the process of construction fascinates me!


Absolutely astonishing interior & design stores

Photo ©muuto

Maison & Objet started on Friday and the Paris Design Week yesterday. The good design is on everyone’s lips now in Paris! Because of these very important events that are taking place right now I would love to share with you some amazing brands which are absolutely making a difference in design industry and I discovered them not long time ago. Each of them offers exciting, bold and high quality products from craftsmen and designers.

Take a look! 🙂