Christmas gifts

For all busy bees – gift-wrap inspirations


Last days at work and my flight to Poland caused very long break in writing. I would like to apologize to all of you. Lately I am a very busy bee, I think I’m not the only one. Am I? 🙂

The last thing I do before the day of Christmas Eve is gifts wrapping. I have to confess that I love doing it! I think that beautifully wrapped present encourage you even more to get to know what’s inside! Nowadays we can find plenty of wrapping paper. I would like to show you some nice wrapping ideas I found. This year I fell in love with ideas of simple gift wrapping.

Let’s start then! Make sure that your gift is the one everyone is itching to open! 🙂


Selected ideas for Christmas gifts

 A sketch by ‘a pinch of design’ – Joanna Walczak

Christmas is in less than two weeks! I love this time of the year, buying Christmas gifts. Although it seems like a hard nut to crack in fact, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. We just need to remember about the most important principle: buy gifts fitting the taste to whom you will give it to, not yours. Buying someone a gift you would like to get is a nice idea only if the person has similar tastes to you. The best way to get an idea of what to buy is to listen carefully to somebody, what that person liked lately, what book he would like to read or what’s missing in his home.

I would like to present you selected ideas for Christmas gifts that I picked for you. Maybe I can help you somehow with this list to buy gifts for your loved ones that will bring a smile on their faces.