Dutch railway transformed into multi-level and enviable office.

1dadcfc5c9Christmas and New Year’s Eve passed and we all had to come back to normal live. I can imagine that waking up every morning was very difficult for you, for me too! Although I’m getting up at 7:30, which you would say is not too early, I have a huge problem to pull myself out of the bed and always dismissing the alarm clock. But one of my new year’s resolution is to change this lazy habit and 3 days per week wake up at 7 to practice yoga. I have also another resolution for this year: write posts regularly. It’s time to start! 🙂

In today’s post I would like to show an amazing work space. The Dutch office Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten designed a bright and airy space inside an overhauled railway building, the oldest remaining structure in Spoorzone area in Tilburg. To achieve this effect, the architects reopened the arches and placed behind them a huge glass facade to let natural light in and complement the opened structure of the warehouse. They continued also with the glazing across the centre of the ceiling to create a long skylight. Inside, a large oak-clad box has been installed with bleacher-style seating at one end as a group meeting area. This volume includes offices and bathrooms and provides the framework for an informal auditorium. In large spaces like this warehouse the idea of installing a big volume or few smaller ones perfectly separates the enormous room without violating its construction and structure. A restaurant has been located on the opposite side of the wooden steps and is opened to both staff and public.


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