The great COBE’s architecture – kindergarden based on children’s drawings


When I look back on my last two weeks, there’s no doubt that time has passed quickly. I shared with you the news about the exhibition on my facebook page. I will show some photos of it soon enough. If you would like to see it yourself, I invite you to La Galerie d’architecture, located on 11 rue des Blancs Manteaux in Paris.

Working very hard during last months, doing many things at the same time and visiting the Renzo Piano’s exhibition taking place in Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, I realised how much I love architecture and like my job. Therefore, today’s post will be about architecture. I love the projects that are simple but unconventional. An understanding of the subject, environment and program of the building is always an essential part of a project. It’s what makes possible to design a building that simply ‘fits’. A building emerged from detailed analyzes, expert opinions and consultations, meeting the needs of the users and well situated for it’s context – that’s a great architecture.


Dutch railway transformed into multi-level and enviable office.

1dadcfc5c9Christmas and New Year’s Eve passed and we all had to come back to normal live. I can imagine that waking up every morning was very difficult for you, for me too! Although I’m getting up at 7:30, which you would say is not too early, I have a huge problem to pull myself out of the bed and always dismissing the alarm clock. But one of my new year’s resolution is to change this lazy habit and 3 days per week wake up at 7 to practice yoga. I have also another resolution for this year: write posts regularly. It’s time to start! 🙂

In today’s post I would like to show an amazing work space. The Dutch office Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten designed a bright and airy space inside an overhauled railway building, the oldest remaining structure in Spoorzone area in Tilburg. To achieve this effect, the architects reopened the arches and placed behind them a huge glass facade to let natural light in and complement the opened structure of the warehouse. They continued also with the glazing across the centre of the ceiling to create a long skylight. Inside, a large oak-clad box has been installed with bleacher-style seating at one end as a group meeting area. This volume includes offices and bathrooms and provides the framework for an informal auditorium. In large spaces like this warehouse the idea of installing a big volume or few smaller ones perfectly separates the enormous room without violating its construction and structure. A restaurant has been located on the opposite side of the wooden steps and is opened to both staff and public.


Selected ideas for Christmas gifts

 A sketch by ‘a pinch of design’ – Joanna Walczak

Christmas is in less than two weeks! I love this time of the year, buying Christmas gifts. Although it seems like a hard nut to crack in fact, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. We just need to remember about the most important principle: buy gifts fitting the taste to whom you will give it to, not yours. Buying someone a gift you would like to get is a nice idea only if the person has similar tastes to you. The best way to get an idea of what to buy is to listen carefully to somebody, what that person liked lately, what book he would like to read or what’s missing in his home.

I would like to present you selected ideas for Christmas gifts that I picked for you. Maybe I can help you somehow with this list to buy gifts for your loved ones that will bring a smile on their faces.


Interesting house renovation in Montreal


In today’s post I would like to present you an interior design created by a Montreal based office. My regular readers already know that few posts earlier I showed another interior design in Montreal, which you can find here. I like the Canadian style. I heard about today’s office, La SHED, from my Canadian friend Emilie, whom I had a chance to work with.

After I saw all their projects I didn’t know which one to show you. There is definitely more than one I liked. The office has developed a great expertise in renovation, conversion and construction of buildings of all kinds. Their designs are very functional and contemporary. The basis of projects designed by the studio are: openness, light, alignment and use of durable, affordable and classic materials.

The project located within Montreal villeray district, named ‘de gaspé house’ is a renovated single family home completed in march 2015. The office created a contemporary facade that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding buildings. They used a dark painted clay brick for the front facade, a galvanized corrugated steel coating on the first floor and a light wood on the ground floor for the facades towards the garden.


Studio Rygalik gives an astonishing interior design to Werso. Organic store

butik-wearso-organic-fot-szymon-brzoska (8)

I found this great interior design by famous polish office Studio Rygalik on Elle Decoration PL website two weeks ago. The interior of the Warsaw based store Wearso. Organic looks extremely intresting thanks to its new arrangement. The team from Studio Rygalik as always impresses by its work!

As you will see on the pictures below, the main element of the project is a very light metal installation hanging from the ceiling. What a great idea, which not only give an outstanding visual effect but is also very functional! The metal installation for the exposure of the clothes collection is fixed to a system solution based on an even grid with meshes. Thus, the evenly placed meshes allow to easily change configurations of metal structures, while enabling a quick change of the interior design and adapting it to the needs of the collection. A great solution made with subdued colours and high quality materials. The whole project of the interior perfectly fits the brand philosophy based on ecology, sustainable development and timelessness. Love it and I put it on my list of places to see during the Christmas stay in Warsaw! 🙂


Interior of the Day :: Brickwork within Montreal apartment renovation!

Espace-St-Denis 1Renovation in architecture is my favourite subject. It’s amazing how we can connect the old with the new, convert a space into something outstanding and brilliant. Create a new meaning. That’s my biggest dream and ambition to work on and realize such projects!

In today’s post I would like to present you a 120 m² condo located in Montreal on the ground floor of a 1887 triplex in the Plateau Mont-Royal. The Canadian designer Anne Sophie Goneau renovated it and designed beautiful minimalist apartment with exposed brick walls and a large bookshelf on show through the glazed facade.


String ball lights – romantic lights perfect for autumn!

cotton ball lights białePhoto 1. white cotton ball lights

This very beautiful and romantic idea absolutely charmed me. From string lights conception I have chosen the cotton ball lights to my September Objects of Desire list. Now I would like to tell you a bit more about this idea and show you some inspiration proving that these lights add magic to each and every interior.

The string lights create a beautiful play of light, shadow and colour. It’s a great and easy idea to make over every space at our home, especially in autumn and winter when we want to feel very cosy and comfortable. The string hung in the right place will create amazing atmosphere and keep us in a very good mood.


Cold evenings? Swathe yourself in a warm blanket!

wool blanketsPhoto 1. Wool blankets

Not long time ago we were enjoying the warm days of summer, but now the days are getting colder and Christmas time will soon be upon us. But there is nothing better for cool autumn and winter evenings than staying at home with a cup of hot tea and wraping up in a warm blanket! I think this is the element we love about autumn and winter the most :). A warm blanket will keep us warm inside and also outside when we decide to catch the last rays of sun on the terrace or in the garden. A beautiful blanket provides warmth but also is a decorative element of the living room or as a bed covering in the bedroom.


An elegant blue and grey tones apartment


Yesterday’s first day of Autumn made me look for inspirations in calm palette of blue and gray. I found a very elegant and stylish family home featured in the current issue of Elle Decoration UK. I think you will be all inspired as much as I am.

This stunning apartment was styled by creative and talented Saša Antić. The photos were taken by amazing and one of my favourite photographer Kristofer Johnsson. This interior design presents a great mix of light and dark which provide nice contrasts and make this apartment so elegant and minimalist.


How to design the perfect workspace at home?

biurko-idealne-skagerak-fot-mat-prasPhoto 1. Skagerak

Although it is very difficult to believe, we spend a lot of time in our life sitting at the desk. We start very early in our childhood, drawing or playing at home, then learning at school and after many years at work. That’s long isn’t it?

Even if we don’t work many hours at home (not everyone has the good fortune to be his own boss) it’s still nice to design a comfortable, dream workspace corner or even the whole room.