Selected ideas for Christmas gifts

 A sketch by ‘a pinch of design’ – Joanna Walczak

Christmas is in less than two weeks! I love this time of the year, buying Christmas gifts. Although it seems like a hard nut to crack in fact, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. We just need to remember about the most important principle: buy gifts fitting the taste to whom you will give it to, not yours. Buying someone a gift you would like to get is a nice idea only if the person has similar tastes to you. The best way to get an idea of what to buy is to listen carefully to somebody, what that person liked lately, what book he would like to read or what’s missing in his home.

I would like to present you selected ideas for Christmas gifts that I picked for you. Maybe I can help you somehow with this list to buy gifts for your loved ones that will bring a smile on their faces.


Merci store – a realm you must visit!

Merci-boutique-noël-2015-0031. Christmas at Merci store, 2015.

Last weekend finally I managed to visit the famous Merci store. And I was absolutely blown away, I’m gonna come back there more often!

Merci was created in March 2009 by Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, in the heart of the historic Haut-Marais district. Since the opening it has achieved enormous popularity thanks to its aim to bring all together: traditional and modern, local and international, simple and costly, mass-produced and individually made, and present the best of each world. Merci store turns a dream into reality. The dream of mixing contemporary objects with antique pieces, vintage clothing, everyday objects, new and second-hand books. And what’s more, Merci it’s not only a shop, it s also a home for many exhibitions and events.


String ball lights – romantic lights perfect for autumn!

cotton ball lights białePhoto 1. white cotton ball lights

This very beautiful and romantic idea absolutely charmed me. From string lights conception I have chosen the cotton ball lights to my September Objects of Desire list. Now I would like to tell you a bit more about this idea and show you some inspiration proving that these lights add magic to each and every interior.

The string lights create a beautiful play of light, shadow and colour. It’s a great and easy idea to make over every space at our home, especially in autumn and winter when we want to feel very cosy and comfortable. The string hung in the right place will create amazing atmosphere and keep us in a very good mood.


Nordkraft’s Exhibition: Leather Lamps by Norm Architects


It’s been already two weeks after the Paris Design Week, but I would love to present you an exhibition organized by the concept store Nordkraft for this event. The exclusive exhibition, named “Enclosed”, is still going on until October 11th. Created in collaboration with Norm Architects it features four sculptural pieces. This interactive installation of abstract architectural spaces examines the border between furniture and architecture.